Get Your Home Move-in Ready for Buyers

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Market Trends

A current trend in the home buying market has buyers in search of move-in ready homes. The potential of fixer upper homes is seen as a burden that will cost an extraordinary amount of time and money for the buyer. The majority of buyers in the current market are not interested in choosing their own paint colors or remodeling the kitchen to their specifications. In fact, many buyers are currently maxing out their budget to purchase the nicest home they can afford, leaving no money left over for home repairs or “homes with great potential”. This trend means the seller will ultimately need to do more work to their home in order to get it up to buyer standards if they want a quick sale.


A few tricks to get your home move-in ready:

-       Paint all interior walls neutral colors

-       Update lighting fixtures

-       Re-tile the bathroom

-       Fix/replace the roof and/or exterior rot

-       Define each space

-       Stage simply


Potential buyers want to inherently understand the use for each space by walking through. Therefore, define smaller rooms, entryways, and large open spaces. When spaces are left undefined many buyers question the purpose of the space causing them to question if that extra square footage is worth their money. Remember to keep staging simple and de-clutter to help people feel as if they could easily move their own belongings right in and call it home.


Updating your home may involve fronting money in order to fix problems you would rather leave untouched. However, buyers will notice that you have a plumbing problem, leaky ceiling, or broken window and they will ultimately want these problems addressed. Waiting until the home inspection could result in more time and money as this will ultimately involve negotiating home value if the the concern is not fixed. After which, many sellers will still have to offer a budget for the buyer to be able to address the issues on their own. This can be another deterring factor for many potential buyers and can create a tough negotiation process.


When your home is placed on the market you want it to be able to sell quickly so you may move onto the next stage of your life. Lag time can cause frustration and may cause you to ultimately lose value that you deserve for your home. By following these few ideas, you can ensure that you will obtain top dollar for your home in a short period of time.


In addition to getting your home move-in ready contact me today to get your home sold at the value you deserve. Together we can get your home sold quickly so the rest of your life can begin. I believe in going above and beyond for my clients because I know selling your home is a big and important step in your life and I want to provide you with the best service possible. Contact me today!