More $$ in the Fall/Winter??

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More money if I sell in the Fall or Winter? How can this be??

Most people, who do not sell real estate, believe that you need to be ready for the spring market to get the best price/more money for your home.  While it is true there are more potential buyers out in the spring, the key word is potential... The reality of the situation is that there are far less homes on the market in the Fall and Winter and the buyers are serious and willing to pay more money for the perfect home. So, when you have very little competition and serious pre-approved buyers looking, guess what typically happens?  New homes that come on the market in the Fall and Winter often have a commanding audience and it often takes fewer showings to get it SOLD! There are far less Lookers who are just interested in the market or just getting started in their search in the Fall/Winter which makes the entire process easier on the home owner. 

Don't delay if you are ready to go. I have a marketing plan that is geared toward your needs and catered to this time of year! The quicker you can sell the more money you get. Quick sale and the most money = happy sellers.