Real Life Real Estate: One of Many

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Many people don't fully understand the life of a REALTOR. I've decided to tell some real stories to allow others insight onto our unique world. My hopes are that some will be uplifting but other stories will share the trials and tribulations that we must find a way forward from. 

Here is one of my favorite stories,

I met this young military family with two young children by happenstance and timing. They fell in love with this period detailed antique home in their favorite town. They put an offer on the home which was quickly accepted by the sellers. However, this home required the buyers to take on the expense and time to install a new private septic system. As most lenders do not want to fund a home without a passing septic system, my clients decided to obtain a 403K rehab loan. This product allows them to finance the septic system and make many other repairs on the home to make it safe and sound. However, this product is a LARGE undertaking for any buyer and that buyers agent! After Months of bringing multiple contractors to the house for the quotes on work needed, the appraiser did not find that the value for the home was equal to the purchase price (even with all the repairs and upgrades!). The sellers would not budge on the already agreed to price and the buyers refused to take on the 20K difference (who would blame them!). After 4 months of work, visits, quotes, and ungodly amounts of phone calls, on top of the military buyers rental expiring, the transaction fell apart and no one got paid. Sad day for ALL but especially this family with big hopes and dreams for their new home! Through the process we had become like friends but certainly they trusted that I could get the job done even though in the end of this complicated appraisal the #'s didn't work.

I got to know what this family really loved about the first home they tried to purchase and went to work to find another "dream" home. We looked at a few homes in the area they wanted but they just did not measure up. I got to work behind the scenes and started searching the perimeters of the towns they wanted. When alas, this gorgeous, move in ready antique with the perfect kitchen and barn for a workshop came up. I sent it to them right away with an explanation about the town it was in and why I thought they should take a look. One military member happened to be traveling for work but the other decided we better go look and face time the missing spouse. That was all it took. They trusted each other, my opinion, and what they were looking for. With only one seeing this home in person, and their trusted advisor ( me: ), they made a quick offer on the home and had it accepted. A few repairs were agreed upon and the couple and their 2 children moved into what was now their favorite home and they never looked back!  

Several years later, they had to move on as military families often do. They immediately called me to help them through the sale as I had kept in touch and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the improvements they continuously made. As partners, we were able to get them a substantial amount over what they had paid for the house. Fortunately, with social media, I get to follow them through the country and see the children grow and the family thrive! They were a true pleasure to work with, twice. Well 3 times actually!

Over all, REALTORS must find ways forward to best serve the people currently in front of them. This is one of many success stories I like to share. I hope you enjoyed it!